Welcome to the 2012 MAET Dublin Year 1 Wiki!

Welcome to the MAET program and to our digital common space.

Why a wiki?
As instructors we (Michelle & Kristen) were free to choose our instructional platform. After weighing our options (WordPress, ANGEL) we chose to go with a wiki. The affordances of a wiki are numerous (as are the limitations) but for our purposes, the most important reason we've chosen to create this space is so that we can collaborate. On a wiki, every participant is an editor. Everyone can add, change or delete. Everyone can (and will) produce content. The wiki democratizes content delivery and permits collaborative revision. Certainly there are other ways we could deliver this content, but a wiki helps us realize one of our instructional goals -- collaboration.

Now you may be asking yourself why does this matter, and that is a fair question. Another one of our instructional goals is to be transparent and model for each of you our own instructional decisions, especially those around technology. Teaching with technology is not about having all the answers or being an expert with every instructional platform/operating system/network infrastructure/etc. Rather, it is about understanding the affordances and constraints of each technology and choosing those that maximize the affordances and minimize the constraints for your specific teaching purposes. If you're curious about the specifics of wikis check out this video from the folks at Common Craft called "Wikis in Plain English" for a little background info.
Important Links:
Email Michelle and Kristen at MAETInstructorY1@gmail.com

Photo Sharing

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Upload photos to our Dropbox Folder anytime! (Problem -- they use a lot of space in our dropboxes...so...we're trying a private GOOGLE EVENT. See your EMAIL for an invitation!!!

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Flickr Group for Photos that Michelle has uploaded -- if you have a Yahoo Account, you can join, upload, download photos etc.
If you would like an invitation (which means you need to create a Yahoo Account to join) let Michelle know!

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