CEP810 Major Assignment #3: Idea Web

For the last three weeks, we have been exploring many, many aspects of this huge area of study we call “educational technology”. Along the way, Sara and I have tried to help you build connections between the ideas we have explored. Connections are, afterall, the building blocks of thought. It is when we anchor what we’ve learned in some aspect of our background knowledge that we hold on to these new ideas. We can actually think of memory itself as a web of connections. Metaphorically, in a course that has focused so heavily on the Internet and its affordances and constraints for learning in classroom contexts, we also see “web” as a powerful framework for thinking about what we have done -- and what you have learned -- this summer.

For your final assignment in CEP 810, you are going to use a digital mind-mapping tool to create a web that represents the learning connections you have made this summer. You are welcome to use the tool of your choice. You can use any media available to you to represent your learning -- this means that your thoughts don’t always have to be expressed in print. If the tool you choose allows you to build connections among images or if you want to embed work that you have done, you’re welcome to do this too.

The only criteria we’re imposing is that the structure of your final product be “web-like” and that you must show, in some way, how the ideas we’ve explored this summer have come to be connected in your mind.

  1. The final product is a web.
  2. The web demonstrates deep and critical reflection on the ideas we’ve explored in class this summer.
  3. The web draws thoughtful connections between and among topics.
  4. It is clear that the student has also drawn connections between our course work and his/her professional practice.
  5. The web was created using a digital tool.
  6. The web takes good advantage of the affordances of the digital tool.

Yes = 2, Sometimes = 1, No = 0 points
Total: 12