CEP 811 Major Assignment: Multi-Genre Project

You have a chance to explore the idea of using digital technology to create a mulitgenre response to literature. Over the next four weeks, you will be given opportunity to play and explore a multitude of methods, modes, tools and tricks.

Using your chosen piece of literature (or another FAVORITE book):
  • Create five different genre pieces
  • At least three that are digital in nature
  • Include a repetend--(see below)
  • Explore the different possibilities!


Tom Romano: Multigenre Writing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lucLoTMXxoE

Digital Is:


Read and explore Tom Romano’s website about multi-genre writing.

Ideas for Genre Pieces:
Birth Certificates
Newspaper Articles
Public Service Announcements
Poetry (any and all forms)
Business Letters
Friendly Letters
Twitter Identity
Concept maps
Poems for Two Voices
Digital Stories
News Programs
Greeting Cards
Post Cards
Reports (Police, Medical, IEP, etc.)

Search Multigenre Project for additional (endless) lists!

Digital Tools:

Tool categories
Presentation tools
Prezi, PowerPoint, Slideshare, Animoto, PhotoPeach
Collaborative writing tools
Google Docs, PBworks wiki, Primary Pad
Dictionary tools
Discussion tools
phpBB, Moodle discussion forum, Vanilla
Micro-blogging and sharing tools
Data visualization tools
Wordle, Dipity (for timelines),
Blogging and journaling tools
Blogger, Penzu
Web annotation tools
Source & quotation collection tools
Delicious, Clipmarks, Diigo
Image storage and editing
Flickr, Photobucket, Aviary
Video library & sharing tools
YouTube, Vimeo
Video editing tools
YouTube, JayCut
Drawing tools (Venn diagrams, flow charts, etc.)
Gliffy, Create A Graph, Bubbl.us, Mindomo
Artistic drawing tools
Audio recording and editing tools
Screencapture & screencast tools
Jing, ScreenJelly
Translation tools
Google Translate
Summarizing tools
GreatSummary.com, Tools4Noobs, MS Word
Distraction management tools
Computation tools
EasyCalculation.com, Calculator Soup
Back-channel question-asking tools
Twitter, Google Moderator, Hootcourse
Reading club tools
Good Reads, Book Glutton
Video conferencing tools
Skype, iChat
Search tools
Google, Google Custom Search
Planning and scheduling tools
Google Calendar, Tungle, Doodle

Use of repetend:

Repetend is something added to your multigenre web project that repeats or continues. The purpose of repetend is to create unity among the various genre pieces and to give the writer an editorial voice that the reader can easily relate to.

Because multi-genre essays are unique and non-linear, they require a lot of work from a reader. You, as a conscientious writer, do not want to let your reader get confused as they move from genre to genre. If you provide your reader with reoccurring images or phrases, or a running commentary or even a narrative or story, you will create unity that will help your reader better understand your central theme. This can be much like making sure to weave your thesis throughout a traditional essay paper. The multi-genre web, however, offers a lot more creative possibilities.

Repetend options are given below. Each student must find some way to incorporate repetend.

Ways to incorporate repetend in your multi-genre web:
• include the same phrase, sentence, or passage in each genre page as a heading or somewhere else in the text
• include a description or design in each piece (written or graphic), placed strategically for easy recognition include a running commentary from you, the writer, following or preceding each genre piece
• create a character and follow his/her reactions to piece *
• create a character involved somehow in each piece of writing--an ongoing little story
• create a cartoon strip at the top or bottom of each genre page that comments on the ideas presented

How do I decide what works for my paper/project?

Think about your specific topic. What is the strongest image associated with that topic? What words could powerfully express that image? You could use those words to help you decide what should be emphasized and repeated throughout your web. You might want to just start writing. After you begin to read through your writing, circle or highlight language and images that might serve as strong repetitions.