CEP 810

Personal Learning Portfolio Assignment & Evaluation Parameters

Using Wordpress, students wil create a digital portfolio of their work that highlights their skills and thoughts as specialists in educational technology.

Assignment Outline
You will begin your personal learning portfolio on the first day of class. You will submit it for evaluation on the second-to-last day of class. This portfolio is your MAET digital home. You will keep all of the work you create in this space. You will share it with your instructors, your MAET colleagues and the world.

The portfolio includes five essential parts.

1) An introductory post (on your homepage) that includes your 'This I Believe" assignment from the first day. (DUE: Friday, July 6)

2) An "About" page on which you describe who you are and the work you do. (DUE: Friday, July 6)

3) A list of tools that you use with helpful descriptions of their affordances and constraints for learning in your area of expertise (e.g., literacy, math, social studies, art, music, physical and health education etc.)

4) A list of hyperlinks to web-based resources that you have found to be helpful with short descriptions of their value to teachers.

5) A blog in which you document your thoughts and new understandings during the MAET program. You will need to complete a minimum of 6 blog posts during the four-week program. (Proximal feedback and comments will be provided by instructors throughout the program; final feedback will be provided at the end of the program)

6) Links to all other work you create during the first-year program.

Other pages, widgits and resources that you choose to include in your portfolio will be left to your discretion. We encourage you to personalize this space and make it the best representation of who you are as a teacher who integrates technologies in thoughtful ways.


Your work will be evaluated on several parameters. The degree to which you have met them will be evaluated on a four-point scale:
0=no, 1 = somewhat, 2 = yes, 3 = yes +

1) Requirements: Your portfolio includes all of the required elements ( your portfolio highlights the work you've done in the MAET program.
2) Intellectual investment: Your portfolio demonstrates a sincere investment in growth, learning and critical reflection. It is clear that you have used this space to document your learning, thinking and skill development.
3) Clarity of expression and representation of ideas: Blog posts are consistently well written, respectful of conventions of genre; architecture and esthetics reinforce central ideas expressed in assignments
4) Consideration of audience: professional tone; your lists of links and resources are well organized and offer helpful information to other teachers who might like to consider using them in their own work; your introductory video provides a unique and thoughtfully designed introduction to who you are, and what you believe about technology integration, students and teaching.