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CEP 812 Special Interest Group Presentation

A main objective of the MAET program is to provide students with opportunities to personalize their learning. The Special Interest Group (SIG) assignment is an opportunity to work with a small group of colleagues who share an interest in a topic or issue that is also particularly meaningful to you. This is your chance to personalize your learning and to delve deeply into a special topic.

Assignment Outline
For this assignment, you will choose a special topic of particular interest to you. With colleagues, you will research this topic and create three major products:
(a) an academic poster that you will present during our SIG poster session. You will cite your sources and include a list of references on your poster as well (in APA style, of course)
(b) an abstract of about 150-200 words that summarizes your main findings and that you include on your poster and in your portfolio
(c) an audio podcast that you embed in your portfolio that introduces the assignment and your topic for your audience and provides readers with an audio version of your abstract. *Note -- you should write the podcast together, but each student should record his/her own to embed on his/her own portfolio. This is to ensure that everyone has a chance to play with podcasting tools and processes.

Suggested SIG Topics

This is a list of suggested SIG topics. If you have a particular interest that is not included here, please feel free to research something else. Do check with your instructors before getting started, however.

    1. technologies and instructional methods that support emergent literacies in the elementary grades
    2. new literacies -- what are they, how do we support them instructionally?
    3. using technologies to support struggling students -- e.g., struggling readers, struggling in math, struggling with attention, etc. etc. etc.
    4. synthesis of multiple texts -- how do we support the development of this skill in subject areas?
    5. game-based learning -- what does the research say about games and learning and how to leverage games to support learning in schools?
    6. the flipped classroom -- what is it? how do you do it? why should/would you do it?
    7. data-driven instruction -- how do we use technologies to support analysis of student data and what research supports the practice? Why should data-driven assessment help student learning?
    8. mobile technologies for learning and instruction in schools
    9. social networking for learning and instruction in schools


Using the 0,1,2,3 scale, evaluation of your SIG will be based on the following parameters:

1) Conceptual Core: Is there a clear question driving your research? Is the focus of your presentation clear? Does your abstract summarize your findings? Are the connections to professional practice also clear?

2) Research Component: Have you researched your issue using a range of sources, considered multiple perspectives and cited your sources appropriately, using APA style?

3) Representation of ideas using multimodal tools: Have you been deliberate about the ways you’ve represented your ideas on your poster, on your website, and in your podcast? Have you considered the design conventions of these genres but also the affordances of these media?

4) Self Evaluation: You will evaluate your own intellectual investment, learning and collaborative efforts. A link to a self-evaluation Google Form will be provided.